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I used @buildascapes to build three new retaining walls, two patios, a sidewalk and several landscape projects for me. They did an amazing job and i would absolutely recommend them for any #concreteservices you might need. — Rodney Liber (@RodneyLiber) November 17, 2019
Rodney L
I was asked if I would provide a testimonial for the guys at Build a scape. I am located in St. Joe, MO and they have built 4 retaining walls for me, a new patio and sidewalk, several landscaping jobs and now we are working on my basement floors. What more can be said, i keep calling them back for more work.
The retaining wall we had collapsed and we started having major drainage issues. It was 30+ years old anyway and it was well beyond the time of needing to be replaced. We contacted build a scape because we had heard they are the experts in retaining wall design. The quote we got really upset me. At first I thought there is no way a brick wall can cost this much. Granted, it is a big wall but i just had no idea. Little did I know what all is required to build a retaining wall. The bricks have to be stacked a certain way, cloth paper is used, crushed rock, drainage pipe and fittings, rubber type mat because of how tall the wall was etc. I had no idea and was educated after speaking with several other companies, before i chose buildascape, but I am glad that I chose them. Their bid was 2K cheaper than the other bids and they did a fantastic job.
Jim Daine
I searched on Google for Concrete Services in Kansas City and was overwhelmed by the amount of choices. I reviewed and talked to several companies and then went to Facebook to see about other peoples comments and experiences. Build A Scape stood out over everyone else. They had the most reviews and NO negative ones. After speaking with them and seeing their portfolio, we decided on them. And we are glad that we did.
Mark Pressot
We just bought a new home and wanted a new pool patio with stamped concrete. The guys at BuildAScape came out and helped us design the new patio, and then built it. WOWOWOWOW... IaCasey Smiths t turned out amazing. Contact us if you have any questions because we highly recommend Kaleb and Colton.
Casey Smiths
I should have listened. I contacted Kaleb with build a scape and they came out to bid my new patio i wanted. They told me that pouring concrete around my deck posts would not pass code because the posts would rot within a few years. I told them i didnt care and this is what i wanted. They actually turned down the job. I hired someone else to pour the concrete around my new deck. When they inspectors came out, they did not pass the new deck and patio. The old patio was poured around the old deck, so i had figured if it past code then, it would pass code now. I didnt want to have to hoist the deck, cut the beams, pour the concrete and then set the beams down and bolt them in place. I should have listened. Guys, i apologize for yelling at you. You were right, and i was wrong.
Sandra L
We bumped into buildascape at Menards. We saw what they do on their shirts and boy where they dirty. We asked them about some landcaping work and pavers we wanted installed. They told us they where working on a 60ft retaining wall and that is why they were so dirty. We asked them to come quote the job. We had no idea they would show up the same day after work. They were exhausted but when we were talking, we told them we where in a hurry. I did not expect same day service. They spent over two hours taking measurements, asking questions, talking about material and the process. We hired them right there on the spot.
Allen Fray
I needed a new sidewalk. The old one was tore out and completely replaced in one day. Great job guys and that was fast.
The barn we where building required 4 concrete shower bays for our horses. They required drainage and we literally forgot to pour those pads before the barn building began. They team at buildascape figured out how to run the drainage and pour the pads despite not being able to get a concrete truck near the barn and without tearing out anything we built. I can not tell you how relieved of stress we are now. We were so worried about how much it was going to cost us because of this mistake. Kaleb and Colton worked hard for us and we now consider them part of our barn family.
17 trucks of concrete had to be poured in one day. The team over at build a scape put together a plan of attack on how they where going to get the job done. They had over 25 concrete specialists (sculptors as I call them) on site and ready to go. It was a hot day and they had to move fast. You have never seen hard work until you have seen concrete professional manipulate concrete under a deadline do to the extreme heat. It was unlike anything i had ever seen before. Kaleb, your attention to detail, your knowledge of the process of pouring and your leadership of all those people was impressive. Thank you so much.
Steve N
How do you properly thank people for hardwork? With money and reviews. Long story short, i contacted Build A Scape to pour a long driveway down the side and back of my house. When they showed up they looked like a bunch of kids. I almost didnt hire them. But, their work (yes i called and verified) was outstanding and past clients spoke very well of them. I decided to hire them. Their bid only came in $1k lower than the others but at the end of the job i went ahead and gave them the $1k in a bonus. Colton, the guy who was finishing the top of the driveway was whistling and singing as he was doing his job. They went out of their way with the project, and the cleanup was remarkable. Guys, i have never heard someone singing while they work but you all are truely passionate and it shows.
If you call the people over at build a scape, expect to be overwhelmed with options and information. I had no idea that doing a paver sidewalk was so detailed. They asked me a thousand questions to make sure that I understood that they understood exactly what I was looking for. The end result was amazing and they got it done when i needed it done. They even worked weekends to meet that deadline. You guys are the best and i higly recommend you and will be using you again.
Ken L
The side of our house was just a hill and grass with a few shrubs. Buildascape designed 2 retaining walls with river rock and new bushes, flowers and some trees. It totally transformed our house. What a difference it makes. Thanks
Emily A
Our tree died and we needed it removed. We called someone at buildascape and they told us they dont remove large trees. But, they gave me a number of someone who did and the tree was removed 2 days later. I called buildascape back and thanked them for that recommendation. I then asked them for a quote and told them all the work I wanted done. Little did I know that i needed more than a quote. I ended up paying them for consulting services. It took them about 20 hours of time, but they came up with a plan, a full list of materials and pricing as well as the permits needed to do my job. They handled everything. Guys, i am very appreciative and i will recommend you.
Larry Cance



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